A Premium Fuel Supplier

Looking for premium fuel supplied at a competitive price?

Diesel Bro’s will supply all your bulk fuel requirements to your sites. Our swift turnaround times and nationwide delivery will undoubtedly drive your business forward. This comprehensive solution is guaranteed to give your business the edge.

Steered by trained and dedicated relationship managers to ensure that you benefit from swift turnaround times, while building sustainable long-term relationships between us and our many customers, attest to our service excellence.

Reliable Fuel Distributors


Diesel Bro’s was founded with the vision of becoming the leading independent fuel supplier in South Africa while ensuring that our clients enjoy substantial savings from the discounts extended by the major oil refineries. Our allocations are with Sasol, Engen, Total, BP, and Shell country-wide across all major oil refineries.

We pass this benefit on to you so that you can maintain your fuel purchases as cost-effectively as we can make it.

Your priorities are our priorities. We focus on identifying customer needs and creating long-lasting customer value, making us reliable, transparent, and knowledgeable. Diesel Bro’s also understands the market, and our service always meets or supersedes our clients’ expectations.

Products and Services

Diesel Bro’s is your preferred bulk fuel distributor of choice and wherever possible, we are poised to offer our full turnkey solution in addition to merely supplying you with your fuel needs. Our comprehensive suite of services includes nationwide bulk deliveries, fuel management systems, finance, tank and pump installations, and smaller bowser deliveries servicing engineering and construction industries on-site.

Bulk Delivery Service

If the success of your daily operations hinges on timely and reliable bulk fuel deliveries, Diesel Bro’s is your fuel supplier of choice. Not only will you have a reliable fuel service but our finance terms will assist you to ease up your cash flow.

By utilising our bulk service and using our fuel monitoring system, you are guaranteed a consistent supply while keeping track of your fuel usage to optimise our service to you.

Small Bowser Deliveries

Diesel Bro’s is best known as one of South Africa’s speediest diesel bowser suppliers. This service is designed for deliveries of 150ℓ – 3,000ℓ within Gauteng, with a lead time of between 2 – 8 hours. (T’s and C’s apply)

Tank & Pump Installations

Diesel Bro’s prides itself in offering a wide range of on-site fuel storage solutions, which may include the installation of bulk storage tanks of different sizes to suit your fuel needs. We can also provide a fuel monitoring system at your request, so every cent and every litre of fuel can be accounted for accurately.

We are continuously innovating and optimising our services to ensure that our customers always receive exceptional service and value when it comes to fuel distribution and management services. Our team is passionate about our premium quality products and our commitment to moving our economy forward by providing access to safe, affordable, and accredited fuel.

Your First Choice In Local Fuel Distribution

We are renowned for our efficient service and competitive rates and although the product is not complex, we have a range of unique service offerings.

1. Competitive pricing and cost-effective fuel solutions with financing options.

2. Nationwide delivery with real-time updates and lead times of 6 – 24 hours.

3. Fully licensed and adhere to all the DMRE regulations.

4. Customised services, products, and solutions to for all your fuel needs.

(Terms and conditions apply with the above)