Wholesale Fuel Distributors In South Africa

Quality Fuel Testing Units

At Diesel Bro’s, we have developed a way to ensure that your fuel is always of the highest quality.

An industry first, we offer fuel testing units at most deliveries (at no extra cost to our clients) to ensure your fuel quality is always of the highest standard. Our fuel tests are cutting edge, providing accurate results, and are not used by many other companies within the industry, putting us several steps ahead of our competitors.

We also carry the costs of random laboratory tests on the fuel procured from our suppliers, ensuring premium quality fuel together with supplier compliance.

Related Services

At Diesel Bros, we don’t just supply bulk fuel deliveries. We have a list of related products and services that allow all your fuel needs to be met under one roof, thus saving you time and money! Diesel Bros are also here to offer you fuel testing units, finance options, and so much more.

On the Road Networks

We have carefully aligned ourselves with 50 different retail sites across South Africa for
your convenience.

Finance Options

We have many different payment and financing options for you to choose from.

Fuel Testing Unit

We offer a cutting-edge fuel testing unit that is used onsite before offloading, to ensure your fuel is quality is of the highest quality at all times.

Vehicle Testing Unit

On top of fuel testing units, we also offer vehicle testing units to test your vehicles.

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