As a highly flammable liquid, improper handling of fuel can lead to explosions, injuries, fires and more. If you work with fuel, you will most likely have to deal with the handling and storing of fuel on a daily basis and it is vital that the relevant safety precautions are upheld.

As bulk fuel supplier(remove) in South Africa, our team at Diesel Bros consider ourselves experts on the topic. Here are a few things that you should know about fuel, and the safety precautions you should take when dealing with fuel.

  • Always keep the fuel far out of reach of children, as well as unauthorized personnel.
  • If storing fuell, storage containers should be kept far away from structures like houses, pedestrians, etc.
  • Keep fuel storage areas clean and free from any rubbish, to avoid potential fires.
  • It is necessary to maintain storage containers regularly, according to regulation. All containers should be specialised fuel containers and not meant for storing food, beverages, and other products.
  • Diesel should be stored far away from any fires or motors that could catch and cause an explosion.
  • Containers that once contained fuel should be treated with caution as they could still have flammable fumes.
  • All fuel containers should be properly labelled as to which grade of product is being stored, as well as all safety hazard signage.
  • Diesel storage containers should be stored out of direct sunlight.
  • Be sure to have the correct fire hazards, council approval and certification to handle or store fuel.
  • Install a “Bund wall” to contain the fuel in the case of a crack or damage to the tank.
  • Bund wall specifications have to be complied with when it comes to the size of the tank.

Transferring Fuel/Fueling Vehicles 

When transferring fuel to different containers, or when fueling vehicles, one should always take special care. A few precautions that you can adhere to here include:

  • Be careful not to drip fuel on any exposed body parts as petrol and diesel could cause skin irritations.
  • Wear a mask as breathing in diesel fumes could result in intense headaches.
  • Always turn off a vehicle’s engine and give it a bit of time to rest before refueling.
  • Always work slowly and carefully when dispensing fuel to avoid overflowing.
  • Try not fuel vehicles in small, contained or cramped environments where fuel inhalation would be unavoidable.

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