I trust this communication finds you in the best of spirits, as we approach the final month before the advent of warmer weath- er. I am honoured to seize this opportunity to shed light on the critical aspects of fuel supply in South Africa—an integral subject that lies at the core of our enterprise and shapes your voyages on the open road.

During recent times, our industry has faced a plethora of challenges and fluctuations, significantly impacting the intricate petrol and diesel supply chains. Nevertheless, I wish to reassure you that Diesel Bro’s remains unwavering in our commitment to ensuring a dependable and superior fuel supply for each one of our valued customers. Our relentless efforts in navigating this dynamic landscape have led us to forge robust partnerships and deploy cutting-edge strategies to ensure you are continuously fuelled and on the move. It is through your sup- port that we persist in delivering unparalleled convenience and satisfaction.

Without further ado, let us delve into the contents of our August newsletter, which encap- sulates the latest updates and invaluable insights.

From your fuel partner,

Chief Operations Officer


Understanding Local Evolving Fuel Efficiency Standards and Regulations

With the aim of maintaining performance, efficiency, and environ- mental standards, the country has established comprehensive fuel quality standards governed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). Discover how South Africa upholds stringent fuel quality standards to ensure that the fuels available in the market meet specific requirements:


These standards cover parameters such as octane rating, cetane number, sulphur content, aromatics content, and other specifications related to fuel composition and performance.


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